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The team at Airsenz has over 30 years’ experience in developing high quality air fragrances, this experience has helped Airsenz continually develop and improve our products to ensure customers receive a market leading product.

Airsenz is proud to present its widest variety of quality air fragrances to date, suitable for any business wanting to enhance its premises and eliminate any unwanted odours. Offering a range of perfume contents, to meet different customers’ needs and more importantly wallets.

Contact a member of our friendly staff, who will work closely with you to find the right odour control for your business.

The new Black Edition range offers customers a scent of sophistication and distinct quality. Airsenz Black Edition’s assorted of fragrances, have been specially designed to enhance your chosen atmosphere. With each fragrance containing a market leading 10% perfume content, giving the Black Edition unrivalled scent longevity.


The rare masculine scent of Beryl, alights any atmosphere with citrusy and organic notes, while having a heart of Pepper and Cedar balanced by an Enticing base of Vanilla and Amber.


The delicate feminine scent of Diamond, presents floral, lilac profile with its sparkling sweet tones and finished with essences of a creamy, smooth hazelnut.


The strong scent of Onyx, opens with a fresh citrus scent and gradually crafts itself into a fragrance built of woods and spices to give a real musk finish.


The feminine pearl fragrance is impulsive and irresistible, opening up with gardenia, freesia and peach top notes. Gently presenting the jasmine, rose heart of the fragrance, closing with base notes of smooth vanilla and patchouli.

We are lucky in this world to be greeted with a number of beautiful natural scents, each one bringing a different emotion or ambience. The Alive range grasps these scents, to offer a range of natural fragrances to invigorate your senses and eliminate bad odours.


A crisp bold scent of biting into a fresh, tangy granny smith apple.


The welcoming scent of apple and cinnamon transforms a room to feel a warm and comfortable. Perfect for those winter days and nights.


The Alive berry fragrance bursts a range of juicy, ripe fruity flavours to leave your room smelling fresh and sweet.


Awaken your senses to the fresh, vibrant, zesty smell of alive lemon! Close your eyes and the refreshing scent will take you through the lemon orchards of Sicily.


The mandarin fragrance can uplift any room with its zesty citrus tones, with hints of bitter orange peel and floral essences. Gives you the ultimate citrus explosion!


The mango fragrance will take you away to a tropical paradise, combining the scents of mango, melon, cucumber, peach and orange with floral mid tones infused with coconut, sweet musky base.

Ocean Splash

The scent of ocean splash will take you back on your holiday in the Mediterranean, with notes of lemon, mandarin, green leaf and violet are enhanced with a lavender floral. While having a warm background of sandal, cedar, amber and musk.


Take a trip into the forest with the fresh crisp pine fragrance, blowing a breath of fresh air into a room, to give you a clean relaxing ambience.

‘Imagine’ if you were able to get a quality air freshener for a budget price.... which will not only keep your room smelling ‘Bang tidy’, but will say to your wallet ‘Who loves ya baby’! Lucky for you Airsenz Select range offers customers a fun, fantastic range of odour control solutions at a low price! Lovely Jubbly.

Bang Tidy

The Bang tidy fragrance, will smash your room with a fresh, vibrant, zesty smell of Lemon.

Flower Power

The Select flower power fragrance will float a peaceful, relaxing bouquet of flowers in your room.

Lovely Jubbly

The Lovely Jubbly fragrance, will bring take you down memory lane with an iconic bubble gum scent, the sweet scent is ideal fragrance to lighten up any room.

Who Loves Ya

The Select Who Loves Ya fragrance, presents you with a washroom favourite Baby Powder, giving any room a sense of cleanliness.

Maintaining a clean, fresh-smelling atmosphere is a must to maintain a quality image for your facility. The Airsenz DnD™ refill system is the easy choice with maximum fragrance output at a minimal cost. Biodegradable, diffusing solid refill offers a 24 hour, 30 day continuous fragrance! Which unlike other air fresheners are completely spill proof and recyclable plastic holder giving you an environmentally friendly odour control solution.






Red Raspberry

The Airsenz, proudly presents its new innovative Aeon dispenser, scientifically engineered air flow distributes fragrance evenly around any environment. Equipped with patented hidden key locks, ensures vandals keep out!

The Airsenz Aeon’s design offers a compact, sleek design coming complete with mounting screws, wall anchors and double face tape, making it perfect for any location.

Airsenz Wizzard’s are a highly effective urinal screens designed to reduce splash-back with superior fragrance and odour control. Its translucent design allows full view of urinal drain to ensure optimal drain flow, while its flexible construction adapts to most urinals to trap any debris.
The Wizzard’s high performance fragrance and powerfully-effective odour neutralisers ensures your urinals smell fresh for up-to-60-day performance.

Key Features

60 day performance:

The Wizzard offers customers a fresh smelling urinal for up to 60 days! On average 30 days more than other competing urinal screens.

Eliminate bad odours:

Each Wizzard contains the Metazine brand odour neutraliser additive, to ensure a high performance fragrance and elimination of malodours.

Flexible design:

The Wizzard conforms to most urinal designs, catching different debris such as chewing gum, cigarettes and other debris.

Translucent Design:

Gives you a full view of the urinal drain, to ensure optimal drain flow.

No Splash Back:

Its special web design tops all splash back, an issue often seen in urinals, will help to reduce your overall cleaning time.

ZZesty Mint

Mango SqueeZZe

Blue RaZZle

Control zone products offers a range of quality, stylish dispensers give customers the ability to keep you environment free from unpleasant odours. Choose from a number dispensers with a range of features including efficient digital programming technology, easy light sensitive programming or a compact sized unit. Giving you the ability to pick the right fragrance solution to satisfy your needs.

AirSenz Deluxe/Chrome

• PP Chemical resistant plastic*
• Combines increased economy with quick and easy light sensitive programming
• 24hr / Daylight / night operation
• 7.5 / 15 / 30 minute spray intervals (15 / 30 / 60 days for 24 hour usage)
• Low battery LED
• Alarm on/off option
• Tester switch
• Suitable for 65mm diameter refills (240 to 300 ml)
• Fragrance refill LED
• 12 month battery life (2 x Alkaline D-cell)
• Key lockable

Product Code: S02 / S02C
Dimensions (mm): W88 x H235 x D90
Capacity (ml): 240-300
Boxed Quantity: 24
Barcode: (S02) 5060146231466
(S02C) 5060146233538

AirSenz Digital

• Available in a white finish
• PP Chemical resistant plastic
• 24 hour digital display
• 1-60 minute spray interval setting
• Can be programmed to operate precisely when a facility is in use
• Days to next service programming function
• Low energy consumption
• Day on/off settings
• Fragrance refill display
• Alarm on/off function for empty
• Suitable for 65mm diameter refills (240 to 300 ml)
• 12 month battery life (2 x Alkaline D-cell
• Key lockable

Product Code: S03
Dimensions (mm): W88 x H235 x D90
Capacity (ml): 240-300
Boxed Quantity: 24
Barcode: (S03) 5060146231473

AirSenz Box Set

The stylish box set is an ideal way to give your customers everything they need to solve any odour issues.

• 1 x Airsenz fragrance delivery system*
• 4 x Aerosol fragrances*
• 1 x set of batteries.

Box Code: AS1
D-Type Batteries Code: B3
C-Type Batteries Code: B9
(Prices may vary)*

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